Monday, January 9, 2012

"Water" Colors!

Chalkboard Nails recently did watercolor nails. I have been wanting to try the look on my nails for awhile! is my attempt. Not as good as hers, but still.

I used four different colors, a brush, and some acetone. There are instructions and a link to a how-to video on Chalkboard's post! Go check it out.

The base is Wet n Wild megalast Hush Hush/Ultra-Secret. The Purple is Zoya Demi (not only do I LOVE the color, it also has my name)! The blue is N.Y.C. 115A and the yellow is 114A. I haven't used these two since high school. Using them now made me remember why. They were hard to work with. =/ 

They didn't turn out amazing, but they are full of color and fun to look at! 
My top coat is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. For some reason I am LOVING this top coat. Not only does it give a great shine, my manis seem to last for days with it on. 

*Products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*

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