Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A England - Saint George

Oh sweet joy of all joy! Saint George is finally mine! I have definitely mentally approved this purchase. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish. It is my first A England. Props to Adina overseas! <3

Here we go! The following pictures are all ONE COAT. Yep, this sucker is so pigmented that I only needed one coat. I did not use a topcoat.

Would ya just look at that beauty?! 
 The color is is teal and shifts to emerald green in low light. The holo isn't extremely strong, but it is there! I'm putting in a jump because I want all of the pictures to be XL!

This is day 2, no topcoat with a baby ship on my ring finger

Here is the holo goodness!

Had to do a bottle shot. 
You can purchase A England directly from the website for £9 which is about 14 dollars; however, there is free worldwide shipping. You can also purchase them from llarowe's site for $12.

I definitely recommend the Saint George. One coat? Holo? Awesomeness? Oh yes. =D

*All products were purchased by me, for me. All opinions are my own.*

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