Friday, July 20, 2012

Pink and Gold Glitter + Hearts and Leopard!

Here is a simple pic of what I wore all weekend! I was going to do stripes, but I went with just leopard and hearts!

I started with base coats of Julep Carrie and OPI Alpine Snow. Then I added leopard spots with an unnamed dark pink Color Club and Alpine Snow. For the two accents I used Essie's LE Practice Safe Sun Shimmer from Cosmopolitan's sweepstakes. Julep Carrie finishes it off as the hearts! 
All done with a dotting tool. 

This is my RIGHT HAND! OMG! Haha. 


  1. I can't do hearts that well for my life! I commend you!

  2. It's quite simple, actually! I used to have a hard time, but I learned that all you have to do is make a "V" with a dotting tool and the polish!


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