About Me

Hello! My name is Demi. I love nail polish, of course.

I'm pretty sure I've been into polish and nail art since I was 13 and in Jr. High. One of the best memories I have about polish is when I got my first nail art plates and pens. I was around 13 and my mom bought them at the fair. I was enthralled with them! I have known about nail plates for 9 years! I used to color coordinate my nails every day in high school. I would use the original "first" plates of Konad to stamp simple designs on them. All of my friends were always in awe.

Now, I am in college studying Advertising and Anthropology. I am broke. I can barely afford many things, including polish. While I can't buy as much polish as I would like to, I still believe in sharing my nail art and love of polish with the world.

Enjoy my blog. Enjoy the polish. <3